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Central Library

Central Library, Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya

It is a recognized fact that the library is the heart of any educational institution which stands side by side with its parent organization in carrying out its teaching programme effectively. With this view, the Central Library of Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya was established in the year 1981 with the very inception of the college itself.



The main objective of the library is to procure, organize, preserve and disseminate information in all fields of knowledge to serve the institutional, curricular, research and instructional requirements as well as the cultural needs of the college community. The library has a very well balanced library collection to meet the reading, reference and research needs of the students, faculty and staff of its parent organization. The library staff are trying better to organize the library to make it more and more user friendly. Every library staff aims to create a healthy learning environment within the library in view of the five laws of library science.

Our Motto:


                        Love for Books and User Satisfaction with Helping Attitude



Library Advisory Committee:


The present Library Advisory Committee is composed of the following members –



  Dr. Dulen Saikia                                                  Dr. Madhumita Handique Principal cum Chairperson                                         Librarian Cum Coordinator


             Dr. Gonesh Ch. Borah                                                            Mr. Pranjal Dutta

Member                                                                               Member

Vice-Principal & Associate Professor                          Associate Professor, Dept of English

                  Dept. of  Political Science 


.    Mrs. Nibedita Boruah                                                            Mrs. Minakshi Borah

Member                                                                                  Member

  Associate Professor, Dept of History                                   Associate Professor, Dept of History


      Dr. Ananta Tamuli                                                                Mr. Binod Hazarika

Member                                                                                  Member

   Assistant Professor, Dept of Economics                        Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry







  1. The Library is meant for only the bonafied students of the college. However, the authority reserves the provision of permission to special users.
  2. While borrowing books from the library, each student will have to produce his/her library card. A student is not entitled to borrow a book against the library card of others. If detected, he/she will be punished or fined.


                3.Students are not allowed to use the library without uniform.



                4. Three books will be issued to each student with honours ad two books with non honours.                        Students will be entitled to keep books for fifteen days only from the date of issue and                            books must be returned to the library at the end of the period failing which fine of 2 rupee will be imposed. However, the students can reissue the books for another 7 days with the permission of the librarian.


  1. Final year students must return their library books before getting the Admit Card of the final examination.


  1. Strict silence and decorum should be observed in the library.


  1. Rare books, reference books, periodicals, news paper are not allowed for home lending. Books & periodicals issued against the reading section card will be allowed to use in the library reading hall which will have to be returned at time of leaving.


  1. Books have to be replaced if lost or damaged. Students found mutilating library books or periodicals or magazines will be subject to disciplinary action. 


Best Practices in the library



  1. Computerization of library with SOUL Software
  1. Inclusion of sufficient information about the library
  1. Current Awareness Service
  1. Information Deployment and Notification 
  1. Internet / Electronics resources facility
  2. Reprographic and Printing Service
  1. User Orientation
  2. Book Bank Service
  3.  Question Paper Service: 
  1. Suggestion Box
  2. Conducting Book Exhibitions, Book Talks, Competitions etc regularly.


Different Library Activities:


  1. Educational Tour to Laxminath Bezboruah Central Library, Dibrugarh University

         on 14/03/2017


  1. Observation of Librarians’ Day every year on 12th August


  1. Library Mouth piece ‘ Pranidhan’  released on 12/08/2017


  1. Educational Tour to Central Library, Tezpur university on 01/10/2018


  1. Educational Tour to Central Library, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong from 08/10/2019 to 11/10/2019


  1. National Webinar on  Electronic Resources: Workflows and Tools on 7/06/2020


  1. Awareness Programme on Use of  E-Resources on 1 7/06/2020
  2. Users’ Awareness Programme on National Digital Library of India on 04/07/2020
  3. International One Week Faculty Development Programme on Creativity and Innovation in Teaching and Learning from dated 28/07/2020 to 3/08/2020
  4. An online special talk was organised on 4th July, 2021 on the topic "Understanding Intellection Property Right and Copyright Law" on the occasion of 40th Foundation Day of Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya.