Digital Classroom

The College has a few well furnished, well equipped Digital Classroom. The digital classroom also has scope for conducting webinar.

Digital Conference Hall

The College has a well furnished digital conference hall with a sitting capacity of 150 person. Important Meetings and Session of Seminars have been conducted in the hall from time to time.

Canteen & Parking Facility

The College has a well maintained canteen, which is kept open to serve the students. There is also facility for parking four wheelers and two wheelers in the campus.

Computer laboratory

The College has well equipped computer laboratory alongwith Technician and Instructors.
A computer lab with 30 terminals including.

Health care centre

The College also has a Health Care Centre in College campus which provides necessary first aid treatment to the students during College hours.

24 hours electricity facility

The College has 24 hours electricity backup facility which provides students proper reading environment both during the College Hours and also in the hostels.

Botanical Garden

A green and clean environment is a basic feature of the College: In order to add to its physical beautification the College is nursing a few flower gardens and botanical garden accommodating a few valuable plants.